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Have you been struggling with obesity and its related conditions? There are many weight loss clinics that claim to help you lose weight, and some of them do work. The most effective, safe and PERMANENT way to lose weight is to join a program with a team of medical professionals, behavior specialists, and nutrition experts.

We are excited to announce the first medically supervised weight loss practice in the North Shore/Middleton area.  Our mission is to provide a welcoming home for individuals looking to free themselves of excess weight, and start a journey together toward better health and happiness.   We have a wonderful team of medical providers, diabetes educators, nutrition experts, and behavioral therapists, all of whom share a passion for optimal health of the mind and body.

Stop in for informational materials, call, or attend one of our orientation sessions.  Please browse our website to meet our team of experts, and learn more about the different approaches available for healthy weight loss.  We are here to provide a comfortable and positive setting, where you can start a path to a healthier, happier you!

What is Medical Weight Loss?

I am very focused now and am better understading why I eat. I like the support group to bounce ideas. I feel more energy and not hungry.


I felt more energy, was not hungry even during times when I tended to snack. I'm an emotional eater and I did not want to snack. I was making cupcakes for my children and was moving them from one hand to the other, I had frosting on my fingers and wasn't even tempted to lick it off.


I feel more energy, was not hungry. I did yard work over the weekend and had energy.


Medical weight loss differs from surgical weight loss, in that it does not utilize any type of surgical procedure such as gastric bypass or sleeve, lab band, or gastric balloon. While surgery is a good option for some, weight loss can be achieved without a procedure.

In a weight loss market crowded with gimmicky diet plans and supplements, medical weight loss centers provide a safe, reliable option for adults looking to get serious about shedding pounds. While they vary in length, intensity and structure, these types of programs meet two important criteria: they offer an evidence-based treatment plan (the methods are backed by solid clinical research), and they are closely supervised by MDs and other medical professionals.

Research has shown that permanent weight loss is most successful when a person commits to a structured program that includes regular visits often in a group setting. A highly trained team is essential to provide teaching and guidance with a research-based curriculum, combined with medical visits to monitor medications, blood tests, weight, blood pressure and general health concerns.

High quality meal replacements are used to ensure rapid, safe, and steady loss of fat, while protecting against loss of lean muscle. This is called "nutritional ketosis". The carefully formulated foods provide all the needed nutrients, fiber and fat, in a very low calorie and carbohydrate form. This allows your body to burn and lose fat.

The most important aspect of any program is the ongoing support once the weight is lost. Statistics reveal that many individuals will tend to regain after reaching goal weight, unless they continue within a strong maintenance program.



Dr. Costello has been taking care of individuals with excess weight and obesity since the start of her career as an endocrinologist.

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