About North Shore Weight Management

Treating the disease of excess weight goes beyond dieting and exercise. We have the expertise to address all the associated conditions that are often present the whole person. Our comprehensive program has experts to manage diabetes, thyroid disease, depression and anxiety, food addiction, musculoskeletal disease, and many other issues that commonly exist in individuals struggling with excess weight. We bring experience with both traditional and alternative forms of medicine, along with a leading and successful meal replacement program backed by over 30 years of sound results.

At NSWM you will have the opportunity to participate in a medically supervised VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) or LCD (Low Calorie Diet).  The program called New Direction© utilizes a meal replacement product exclusively to meet an individual’s nutritional needs during the initial stages of weight loss. Our group classes meet weekly, and cover a range of topics designed to help participants become more aware of the emotional, psychological and environmental reasons for overeating. While successfully losing pounds, you will discover skills, behaviors, attitudes and resources which will support new lifestyle changes for balanced, healthy eating and living. As you start your new, healthier life, our long-term weight management plan will include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and protein sources and regular exercise.  We strongly emphasize the importance of long term support to maintain your results.  Your success is our goal!

For some individuals considering a surgical approach to weight loss, we can provide counseling to assist you with your decision.  Often prior to a surgical procedure, patients are advised to enter a medically supervised meal program for a short term leading up to surgery. This serves to initiate weight loss, as well as improve certain health aspects that can decrease complications and better ensure a safe experience. We are happy to accommodate pre-surgical individuals into our weight program, to help start the weight loss process.

Stop in for informational materials, call, or come visit one of our orientation sessions. Please browse our website to meet our team of experts, and learn more about the different approaches available for healthy weight loss. We are here to provide a comfortable and positive setting, where you can start a path to a healthier, happier you!

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