Diabetes Program

Dr. Costello is a board-certified endocrinologist, having spent the majority of her career helping patients with diabetes.  We also have two certified diabetes educators and a registered dietician on staff.    We provide extensive experience treating diabetes and associated conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and neuropathy (nerve disease).  Often when people with diabetes enter a weight loss program, they can discontinue most of their medications.  We are able to closely monitor blood sugars and adjust insulin and oral medications as needed, during the medical visits.  If needed, the use of a Professional Continuous Glucose Monitor can track blood sugars continuously for two weeks, allowing for the precise adjustment of medications and protection against low blood sugar.

We are starting up a new Diabetes Class that will focus on both weight loss and improvement in diabetes control, as well as improvement in blood pressure, cholesterol, and arthritic/neuropathic pain. The classes will be taught by Dr. Costello and Erica Ouellette, RD. Please call our office to learn more about class times and enrollment.

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